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    With prime access to regional and national transportation and exceptional coastal amenities, City Centre Warwick offers a development opportunity that you won't find anywhere else. The site embraces 95 acres built in and around Green Airport, Warwick Rail Station, InterLink and Interstate Routes 95 and 295. Embedded within a sustainable walking community will be a dense, mix-use of commercial, office, hospitality and residential space. Offering something for everyone, City Centre Warwick creates an urban experience that is active, affordable and attractive to business development, employers and residents alike.




    With a cohesive identity on a local, regional and national level, City Centre Warwick and Rhode Island will attract complementary public and private investment, increasing consumer usage of transit amenities, while making the state more economically competitive in a compact Northeast market. The ultimate goal is to create a diverse, pedestrian-friendly, sustainable, mixed use community, that offers quality jobs and sustainable business growth opportunities for all Rhode Islanders.


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    The vision and goal of City Centre Warwick is to revitalize and redefine the approximately 95 acres of land which comprises the district. We strive to create an attractive neighborhood center with vibrant public spaces that will serve as an engine of economic growth and vitality in the region.


Demographic Info

With a stable population of 81,914 people, Warwick is unique tapestry of more than 30 different villages. It is the second largest city in Rhode Island and among the largest in New England.

The Following data reveals why Warwick is such an interesting community in which to locate a company and raise a family:

Population Profile

  • Median age: 41
  • Female: 52%
  • Male: 48%
  • 18+ population: 79.9%
  • 65+ population: 17.1%
  • Population Density: 2,359/sq. mile

Population by Ethnicity/Race

  • White: 92.7%
  • Hispanic or Latino: 3.4%
  • Asian: 2.3%
  • African American: 1.7%
  • American Indian and Alaska Native: 0.3%
  • Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander: Z
  • Others: 1.9%

Warwick Annual Income Levels

  • Under $30,000: 30%
  • $30,000-$75,000: 47%
  • $75,000-$125,000: 18%
  • $125,000+: 5%

Warwick Household Income

  • $73,994 (HUD Income Guideline 2010)

Geographic Profile

  • Land Area: 35 sq. miles
  • Water Area: 14 sq. miles


  • Housing Units: 37,730
  • Households: 35,493
  • Family Households: 21,172
  • Average household size: 2.29
  • Owner-occupied homes: 26,690
  • Renter occupied homes: 8,802

Current Tax Rates

  • Residential Real Estate: $19.79
  • Commercial Real Estate: $29.68
  • Industrial Real Estate: $29.68
  • Motor Vehicle: $34.60
  • Personal Property – Inventory: $0.00
  • Personal Property – Tangible: $39.58

Warwick’s economy is among the strongest in the region. The City’s economic diversity provides long term stability to the local economy, and Warwick’s labor force is well-educated, skilled and motivated.

Warwick/Rhode Island Statistical Snapshots

  • Population of Warwick is 82,672
  • 300,000 Residents within 10-mile radius
  • 8.7 million residents within 75 mile radius
  • Approximately 83% of the workforce is non-union
  • Warwick has 3,341 Private Sector businesses
  • Warwick employed 57,000 workers in 2010
  • Average wage is $35,976
  • In 2008, Warwick employed 11.6% of all of Rhode Island’s workforce
  • Annual high school graduation rate is 93%
  • Total Labor Force: 49,554
  • Average commute time: 22 minutes
  • Largest Industries: Retail, Health Care, and Hospitality

Our strategic location in the center of Southern New England’s major metropolitan area is what makes Warwick a vibrant spot for new or expanding businesses. Warwick is just a stone’s throw away from historic Providence; thirty minutes north of Newport and approximately an hour south of Boston, and these are just the obvious benefits Warwick has to offer.

Amenities include over 850 acres of recreational areas, including ball fields, tennis courts, bike paths, 39 miles of coastline, beautiful beaches, coves, marinas and more moorings and boat slips than any other community in Rhode Island. For these reasons, not only is Warwick a convenient place to work, its family friendly environment makes it a great place to relax and play.

  • 39 Miles of Coastline
  • Affordable Waterfront Properties and housing costs
  • Exclusive Waterfront Properties
  • Central location in RI and Southern New England
  • Fresh and Saltwater beaches
  • Over 3,000 Recreational Boat Slips and Moorings
  • Numerous coastal parks and 5 golf courses
  • Average Commute time: 22 minutes
  • Shopping – Retail Capital of Rhode Island
  • Ocean State Theater Company
  • Kent Hospital